Umbrella is an RHG made by ReshAnims.

Creator: ReshAnims

Status: Unvailable

Weapon(s): Advanced Umbrella x768

Bio Edit

The military had designed a new deadly weapon, the Umbrella-X768. It is good for long range, short range, and defense, and is also disguised as a household object. Despite this, the military could not find a person that could use it properly and efficiently, except one man (who is now known as Umbrella). He finished top in the experiments and so now he works for the military, completing secret missions. He uses RHG as training for these missions.

Stats Edit

Abilities Edit

  • The umbrella is made of very solid material which is almost impossible to break through
  • Can shoot blue projectiles from inside the handle(out from the tip of the umbrella
  • When closed, the edges are sharp so it can be wielded as a sword
  • When open, it acts as excellent defense
  • Transparent, so Umbrella can still aim when the umbrella is open.

Weakness Edit

  • Umbrella himself is pretty weak, not the strongest cookie
  • Relies heavily on his ability to wield his weapon, he is nothing without it.
  • Doesn't like talking

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