Oxob is an RHG made by oxob3000. 

Creator: Oxob

Status: Unavailable

Weapon(s): Metal Fists



  1. Stats
    1. Abilities 
    2. Weakness 

Bio EditEdit

Oxob's life is all a big game. He lives every day as if it was his last and he always sees the positive in every situation. In his erlier days he use to be a rich stuntman and pushed his limmits for each stunt he made. As a result, one day he lost both his hands in an accident. Although since he was so rich, he could afford to buy new mechanical hands. Later on, these hands were upgraded, constructed in carbon steel and modified with energy-concentrating ability. After these upgrades, Oxob were all out of money and became a poor guy with no belongings. Despite this, Oxob still tryes to live each day with joy, and makes friends werever he goes. But those who tries to pic a fight mostley leaves with atleast a broken nose. Oxob's fighting style is influenced by several different martial arts. He learned most of it on his own during regular street fight against people who would try to steal his belongings. Oxob mostly focus on using his strength and his steelhard hands as an advantage rather then speed and agility. Don't try to block his attacks. Dodge them instead.

Stats Edit

Abilities Edit

By using his mechanical steel hands, Oxob absorbs plasma energy from his suroundings which is used to create extremely powerful punches. It allowes him to move or even fly short distances and to strike his opponent with huge, explosive force. He can even create small earthquakes by striking the ground. Also, due to his daily visits at the gym, Oxob has great strength.


Oxob is now able to create a force field strong enough to protect himself from explosives.

Weakness Edit

Ranged attacks and fast opponents. If you're faster then him, you are able to dodge his most powerful attacks as they take some time to charge up. Also, Oxob's hands are not waterproof.

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