Mr. Pix is an RHG made by Geo (DavidBorja)

Creator: Geo (DavidBorja)

Status: Unavailable

Weapon(s): None

Bio Edit

Mr. Pix was a computer program designed to gather knowledge and return it to a source, similar to a Google Spider. Unfortunately, Mr. Pix lost an integral part of his programming: the location of his source. He can do nothing but gather information about everything he senses. His quickest method of obtaining information is through the sense of touch. He absorbs the characters he fights, first because it's in his original code, but also out of self defense.

Stats Edit

Abilities Edit

He can stretch and morph, and is agile and flexible. He can lose limbs and regenerate. Can recreate weapons out of his body, including long-range weapons like cannons, tanks, guns, bow and arrow, etc.

Weakness Edit

Because his head contains all of his black mass, attacking it will destroy his ability to regenerate and add mass to himself. Also, he is not able to move as quickly when in an expanded state. Mr. Pix is also weak to fire.

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