Kickman is an RHG made by PLasmaghost.

Creator: PLasmaghost

Status: Available

Weapon(s): None

Bio Edit

Kickman is a long lost Legend. He had disappeared for many years,but now. He has returned. Although his current "goal" is unknown he apparently needs help to complete it. First stop. Gray Man Army Base. "If you want something done right. Use an army", and that's exactly what Kickman intends to do.... 

Stats Edit

Abilities Edit

Is practically a god with anything that deals with leg work. He can Jump to heights reaching into the Thermosphere; His Kicks can break virtually anything; His speed is unmatched; His stamina has. no. end. He is an expert with most martial arts and is trained with a wide range of weapons.

Weakness Edit

Although his upper-body is abnormally durable, its still human, attacking his upper body with powerful hits can deal some serious damage to him quickly. He is very cautious, so he tends to stay back from his opponents; being a close range fighter means quick ranged attacks do well against him.

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