FLLFFL (ALFA) is an RHG made by Terkoiz.

Creator: Terkoiz

Status: Available

Weapon(s): Jet Katana

Bio Edit

With an eluded name and a mysterious purpose, "FLLFFL", or "Alfa" seen through illusion, is arcane. He does, however, have a foundation of never actually killing his adversaries. With this foundation his adaptation over controlling his emotions is superb. It's rare for "Alfa" to truly express during combat. Appearing to be in his late-middle ages, "Alfa" has always been known to be very dependent on his specialized sword. Although no one knows what it's exactly made of, his sword has always protected himself and destroyed others. Irritated with his the destructive capabilities of his sword, he regrets ever making the legendary ordnance. Some say he's been searching for those strong enough to break the blade and end his own reign of destruction, others say he'd been searching for the hammer that formed the ordnance itself. Others rumor that his quest is to create another weapon of destruction. No one really knows, in fact.

Stats Edit

Abilities Edit

  • Jet-Engine/Katana Hybrid
  • Versatile
  • Fast
  • Ignition in his Katana
  • Swordsmanship

Weakness Edit

  • Old age
  • Normal human being
  • Weapon dependent
  • Refrains from lethal executions

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